"Work is no longer about repetitive and arduous process, but increasingly about interactions, human connections and collaboration"


The idea of having a separate work life and personal life is diminishing, changing our expectations of our work place. Our behaviours and approaches to work are far different to what they were fifteen years ago; with the huge increase of mobile devices and cloud technology, workers from a wide range of different industries are able more so to work where they want, when they want and however they want. From many reports in the area as well as the word on the street it is noticeable that flexibility is key to people’s work life arrangements, reinforcing the fact that work and personal lives are increasingly merging. A strong characteristic of the present day is that people do not want to live for the weekends any longer, as hard as that is in our varying economic situations around the world. As issues of economy and design as well as environmental sustainability loom larger, alternatives to the traditional office with a dedicated desk for everyone looks increasingly attractive


This is reflected in the ways in which organisations are approaching productivity, efficiency, and financial considerations amongst their staff structures, as well as those who are working for themselves. The market for flexible workspace opportunities is rapidly growing, and for us in the sector we have to consider that work is and should be a series of activities that are suited to differing environments. For example, cellular office space, collaborative and open spaces, quiet zones, conference spaces; in a nutshell, individual work versus group work, are all on the spectrum and should be ideally housed in a environment that is at it’s most inspirational. This is reflected wholly in the argument that an individual who is able to control their own environment and create a sense of ownership in their workspace significantly enhances work satisfaction


With this said, at Dungarees we champion the benefits gained from working in a collaborative environment. However, like most things, it is all about striking a nice balance. The key here for Dungarees, working within this industry of the open work spaces, co-working spaces, mobile working, third place dwelling and all it’s other forms, the key to this increase in demand of personal life and work life balance is customisation of the workers environment. Whether this is through modular furniture, movable walls, multi-sensory manipulations, or customer service, an environment focusing on individual needs is very important. Being an open social space for mobile workers we are going to attract a wide range of disciplines, needs and objectives requiring a lot of considerations. With work objectives such as productivity, work place culture, work satisfaction, and costs to attend to, this makes for a worthy challenge for the future of the workspace. The equation is this Dungarees, a considered balance of collaborative working environments, customisation and design.


A study by Hassell Studios regarding the future academic workplace, sum up our objectives nicely, ‘alignment of the design with the desired outcomes of various stakeholders is a delicate process. Well managed consultation and involvement is more likely to result in a positive outcome than simply adopting a position and demanding adherence from all parties.