At the core of our exceptional coffee, we brew Coleman Coffee Roasters espresso blend. The roaster, Jack, is a local coffee enthusiast with many years experience in the coffee industry. His espresso blend has a simple and classic balance of chocolate and caramel sweetness from Fazenda Santa Helena of Brazil, and the elegant and soft mouth feel of its medium bodied Finca La Perla of Guatemala, offering orangey and pruney notes, giving our espresso extraction a fresh and clean finish. 


Dungarees began it's life as a mobile specialty coffee company that travels where you need us to be, and we still very much are. We specialise in bringing an extra something special to your event with our delicious coffee. We like to work with our hosts as much as we possibly can before the event so we can adapt our approach to suit their needs. At the core of our offering is our amazing coffee and warm customer service approach. The fundamentals are covered, let us know what else you need. 

You can hire us for ANY event. Our tiny vans will go pretty much any where you need them.

Get in touch for a personalised quote : ask@dungareescoffee.com